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How Parisienne's Wear Lingerie

French women see the value in quality intimates, spending 20 percent of their clothing budget on underwear annually. These women know that investing in lingerie is really investing in yourself. 

Underneath it all, these women hold a certain charm. Their ability to simultaneously master the rolled-out-of-bed look and chic, carefully-selected outfits is unrivaled. Take note of the loosely tousled hair, half-buttoned shirt and a red lip that knows no boundaries. 

A French girl's first lesson in wearing lingerie: don't wear it for anyone but yourself. Get fitted properly, pick soft, luxurious fabrics, and choose styles that make you feel confident within. Others are sure to see it through the Joie De Vivre you bring into your new take on everyday life. 

An awareness of their fit is paired with an understanding of cut and shape to determine which styles are the most flattering on their figures. These women also wear matching sets and buy three pairs of panties to every bra, ensuring they are never caught out on laundry day.

If there is anyone's style you are going to imitate, please let it be a French girl.  

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