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My Dream encounter with Sonya Esman

So my dream of collaborating with fashion blogger Sonya Esman from Class is Internal finally came true!

It all started months and months ago when I started designing our latest collection, Violet Valentine. Sonya kept popping into my head when I was working out the new styles so it seemed like the perfect match to have her as the face of the collection and our new SJ Lingerie campaign. It has been Sonya’s dream to come out to Australia and my dream to work with her so everything just fell into place and we arranged to fly her out to the land ‘down under’ where Steph and I had the opportunity to take her to our local hang-outs, secret spots and shoot the campaign images for the Violette Valentine collection.

Here are some of the highlights from Sonya’s time here with us:

Feeding the Rainbow lorikeets at the local bird sanctuary.

Exploring the lush hinterland and discovering secret rock pools.

Sonya is wearing our Silk Laundry slip dress.

Seeing the city skyline by boat.

An outtake from the Violet Valentine campaign shoot.

Sonya and I, behind the scenes at the Violet Valentine shoot.

Sonya also created an incredible video from her time in Australia.
View the clip by clicking here.

Shop the SJ Lingerie x Sonya Esman Violet Valentine Collection here.

Love, Katie xo


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