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Silk Laundry: Silk Basics for Everyday

Silk Laundry launched in late in 2014 by SJ Lingerie founder Katie Rackley from a desire to create minimalistic silk basics for the everyday. Being one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world, Katie wanted to create a 100% silk collection that displayed high quality manufactured pieces that not only looked amazing but felt incredible on the skin. Due to its amazing natural properties, silk is the perfect fabric for clothing as it allows the body to breathe keeping the body warm in cool weather and cool in hot weather.

Photo of Micah Gianneli

Photo of Ali Woolley, Division Models. Photo by Ariel Turner. 

For Katie, this only seemed like a natural progression from designing lace lingerie to working with silk.  Since its debut a few months ago, Silk Laundry is now a must-have staple piece for some of today’s style setters including Micah Gianneli, Steph Claire Smith, Rebecca Laurey from Raspberry and Rouge and Sonya Esman from Class is Internal.

Photo by Kristy Who

Photo of Sonya Esman from Class is Internal

Silk Laundry is an independent womenswear label with a strong emphasis on timeless and classic designs.

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